Blog 1- “Your and you’re” “There, their, they’re”

Published December 16, 2014 by bribri95

Brianna Debow

Blog post 1

Comm 160

In the world, it is not often that people use the proper form of certain similar words, such as “your and you’re” and “there, their and they’re”. This mistake is often found in text messages, Facebook post, and tweets. How can we live in a world where people don’t know the difference and when it is appropriate to use the right version of the word?  To me, this is not a hard rule to learn. If you went to school and paid attention in third grade English class, it should be simple. The people who do this are the ones who missed that lesson, which is fine because I’m here to help!

bad grammar

Here, we see in a text how some people use the incorrect “your”, and obnoxiously the person texting back is correcting them to get use the right “you’re”. Although at the end of the last text message the person texting on the left finally used “you’re” but in the wrong context and actually needed to use “your”.  The difference between these words is pretty easy, the breakdown of “you’re” is you are. In the text “OMG your so annoying” might sound correct but when replacing your with you’re instead it would look like “OMG you are so annoying” which is translated to “OMG you’re so annoying”. When using your, that means something belongs to you. In the last text it said “Fine! I’m gonna kick you’re a**”. Sadly, they used the wrong your because they were referring to the person’s butt which is theirs, and you’re doesn’t make sense here. This simple video also broke down the difference between “your and you’re”. I found the video quick and easy to remember the difference between the two.

Today in society we also mistakenly use the word “there” incorrectly. The word there is used in three different ways. Yes, they may all sound the same like the words “your” and “you’re” but all three have different meanings, which people I think fail to realize. So if we want to show that something exists, we use “there”. For an example, “There is a book on that table.”  When using “they’re” is just like the word “you’re” which breaks down to “they are”. An example of this would be “They are coming to my house” which translates to “They’re coming to my house.” Lastly the word “their” which is used when a person has possession of something, can be used in a sentence like “Mike and Joe said come over to their house.”


I think we all use words that we think are correct because of the way they sound. When in reality they are in the wrong context and we do not notice. Good friends will correct us of these mistakes, so we do not look stupid at our corporate jobs someday. In society we have fallen into this trap of misused words and no one has corrected us; therefore, we keep on using the incorrect use of the word. I hope this helps someone because I know I once needed this lesson and I obviously wasn’t paying attention in the third grade.


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