Blog 3- Exclamation Points

Published December 16, 2014 by bribri95

Brianna Debow

Blog post #3

Class work 9

When it comes to writing, or even talking, there are certain grammar habits that we just can’t get out of. Grammar especially tends to be one of those habits were we use a word, phrase, or punctuation the wrong way. This continues because no one has corrected us of our wrong doing, or if they have, we forget and keep doing it. One of the most common grammar mistake we make is with punctuation.  The exclamation point seems to be everyone’s favorite punctuation mark to mess up. Overuse of the exclamation point is most commonly found in text messages, tweets, Facebook post and emails.

exclamation mark

The overuse of the exclamation point is actually a condition someone came up with on Urban Dictionary called “bangorrhea”.  Which means overusing exclamation points in vain and a failing attempt to make your writing sound more exciting. Trying to put more “bang” in your prose, but instead looking like you have exclamation point diarrhea. Now as funny as that may sound, it’s the truth. You can’t run around and excessively use exclamation points. An exclamation point is for exclaiming something worthy to shout about. Things like “How are you!!!” don’t need an exclamation point. I think of it as if the sentence is urgent, or very exciting. That would most likely be the appropriate time to use an exclamation point. For example “Ashley had the baby!”  Or “Stop that thief; he stole my purse!”  Sentences like those call for a sense of urgency to where an exclamation point is necessary.

Scott Fitzgerald states “Cut out all these exclamation points. An exclamation point is like laughing at your own joke.”  So let’s stop laughing at our own jokes and slow down on those exclamation points. If your sentence is persuasive enough, then it should make the impression on the reader regardless of the exclamation point. Years ago a Saturday morning cartoon show called “Schoolhouse Rock” was the one of the coolest educational show of its time. One particular episode “Interjections”  explains in simple terms when and when not to add an exclamation point. All in all exclamation points I believe are overused because we are overly excited about things. When in reality sometimes the sentence might just call for a simple period.


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